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Company profile

Our company, Niptex T. Ltd's main profile is the domestic and export trading of high-quality knitted gloves for workers' protection.

We supply our present and future partners through our commercial office. The proper and qualified service of our customers is of high importance, that's why operate with the system ISO 9001:2000.

Our range on the market of workers' protection gloves is completely full. We are selling the safety products of world-wide known companies, too. We can offer safety gloves from the light industry, as well as for sanitary and laboratory activities, even for all field of the engineering, the chemical-, and heavy industry as well.

Among our inland and foreign users/partners there are companies, which appointed to themselves the realisation of economical, safe and accident-free working places.

We had the ambition to have Hungarian quality certificates for these products as well. We can also provide individual solutions for our partners, in order to satisfy their need for the proper safety gloves.

The most important aim of Niptex Ltd is to persuade our Hungarian partners to buy safety gloves according to professional decisions, for which we can give help. We also would like to introduce a quick and simple ordering system and exact delivery. We are continuously updating our website, in order to make our partners up-to-date regarding the market, the products and the latest goods.

Niptex Kft. H-1581 Budapest, Pf. 20. Phone: +36-1-460-98-95 Fax: +36-1-460-9896
“With the new Shima Seiki SFG-I type machines purchased under this tender, our production capacity increased by 40%, so we could serve our customers with increased demand and large quantities. Owing to the project, for example, we managed to conclude a 3-year contract with Audi Hungaria Zrt. and the products manufactured by them are manufactured on new machines. New machines are also capable of producing open-sleeved gloves, and multiple thread feeder system allows you to combine different yarns within a gloves such as high-cut or ESD gloves. The reinforced knife system can also handle highly cutting-edge technical threads easily."
Project aid rate: 50% Project completion date: 18.01.2017
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